I was so impressed with how smoothly the process went. I am really happy with the service I receive from Grove. Another company I used to order from really neglected me after the setup and never called about resupply. Grove has an excellent follow-up program. I also really appreciate the wireless modem because it makes me feel cared for and supported.

Alameda patient


I so appreciate a call from a live person to remind me to update my supplies. Grove has excellent customer service which I why I’m a long time patient of theirs.

San Francisco patient


I was really impressed by how committed Grove has been to making sure my settings are correct and that my machine is working smoothly. At first I was miserable with the transition and Grove stepped in to make it alright for me immediately.

Daly City patient


My doctor sent my prescription to another company but I knew Grove had superior customer service because my husband is also a patient. I called my doctor to make sure my prescription was sent to Grove. I continue to be very happy with the care and support I received beyond the initial appointment.

Pleasanton patient


Grove is very thorough and helpful. They make sure my settings are correct, explain about resupplying and insurance, and routinely demonstrate that they care about me with follow-up.

Concord patient